• Peniche, Sintra and Buddha Eden

    View from a lighthouse, Peniche, Portugal

    Peniche is the surfers paradise. You get everything, waves, wind and freezing water. =) There are a lot of surfing schools in Peniche, where you can rent the equipment from. Also everywhere around Peniche you get magnificent views on the ocean and cliffs. Beautiful sunsets. Baleal is small island community […]

  • Portugal West Coast

    View on the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal

    West Coast of Portugal is a very picturesque place. The ocean is cold, the wind is really strong at times, but the views are stunning. The sunsets and the cliffs are amazing. Almost any city or village in the west has something to show you. Of course there are a […]

  • Protected: Around Europe 3

    Around Europe 3

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  • Designpanoptikum


    While in Berlin, we have visited a very strange museum “Designpanoptikum”, owned by a photographer Vlad Korneev. The place is just amazing. There are ten rooms filled with strange things. Well all of the items in the museum are industrial instruments and machines, so nothing unusual there, but the way […]

  • Burgos and Salamanca

    View on New Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain

    On our way to Madrid, we stopped in Burgos. But it was a brief stop, therefore we only visited the cathedral and the arc. We have enjoyed our stop in Salamanca. It was not too crowded with tourists, probably due to the very hot weather. We have visited the Old […]

  • Madrid


    Finally we have reached Madrid. The city is huge, filled with history and has a good combination of modern and old architecture. We spent a really nice day in Madrid, mainly walking around. We have visited the Royal Palace, cathedral and a few smaller churches, a really big and peaceful […]

  • Le Havre, Etretat, Caen and Bordeaux

    Le Havre, Etretat, Caen and Bordeaux

    Le Havre is a really quite city. Literally we have only seen a couple of people walking by, maybe it was due to the rainy weather, and no tourists at all. There were only two places that we have visited there, a small church and the Eglise St-Joseph. Etretat was […]

  • Nantes and Les Machines

    Nantes and Les Machines

    Nantes is a really creative city in France. During our time there we have seen some very impressive graffiti and sculptures. We have also visited the famous Les Machines and Le Voyage, and the castle. But once again we were in a hurry and still had a long journey ahead […]

  • Le Mont Saint Michel

    Le Mont Saint Michel

    Le Mont Saint Michel is small island city located in France. The city is very unusual. The whole island is a village with a huge cathedral and an abbey located at the very top of the island and is taking most of the space. The streets are really narrow and […]

  • Paris


    Paris is a magnificent city. Big, beautiful, busy. This is our second trip to Paris, and this time we have made a mistake by driving a car around the city. There is so much traffic, and absolutely no parking. Therefore we have visited only a few places and made very […]

  • Protected: Around Europe 2

    Around Europe 2

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  • Antwerp, Leuven, Ghent and Bruges

    Antwerp, Leuven, Ghent and Bruges

    We arrived in Antwerp quite late, after 23:00, therefore everything was already closing down, and we just walked around a bit. So there is not a lot of pictures….sorry. Leuven was our first stop after we left Brussels. There is not a lot to see in Leuven, but the City […]


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