• Brussels


    We have really enjoyed the day that we spent exploring Brussels. It is a big and beautiful city, with a really nice central square. The chocolates and the waffles are the best in Belgium, comparing to other countries, so eat lots of chocolates and waffles when you visit Brussels. =) […]

  • Vollerdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

    Vollerdam, The Hague and Rotterdam

    After Amsterdam we visited three other cities in Holland – Vollerdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. All of them had interesting things to see. Vollerdam is a small village on the riverbank, that is filled with tourists, coming to visit the windmills. The windmills are huge, and beautiful. We did not […]

  • Protected: Around Europe

    Around Europe

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  • Amsterdam


    Amsterdam is an amazing city, so beautiful with canals, bridges and architecture. It is also a creative city with many different and unusual sculptures, hidden all over the city. We visited Amsterdam in August and it was really crowded with tourists, but if you like a bit space and quietness […]

  • Bremen


    When we planned to stop in Bremen, it was only to see the statue to the Bremen Musicians, as there was not much attractions listed on-line, but what we saw amazed us. The central square is like walking into a fairy tale. All the buildings are so beautiful and well […]

  • Hamburg


    We have stopped in Hamburg for a couple of hours, after we left Berlin, so there is not a lot of photos. Hamburg is a beautiful city with a very pleasant central square and a beautiful City Hall. Also there is a big lake right next to the central square, […]

  • Berlin


    Berlin is a big city with a lot history, however most of the city was destroyed during the bombings at the end of World War 2, therefore most of the buildings are fairly new. As Berlin was divided between 4 countries, you can see the differences in architecture, depending on […]

  • Dresden


    Dresden is a city, which we have visited on our way to Berlin. Due to Dresden city center being completely destroyed during bombings at the end of the World War II, there are only a couple of old buildings left, that have been restored and rebuilt over the years. We […]

  • Prague


    Prague was the first stop in our Europe Trip. Prague is a really big, busy and beautiful city. We only had one day to spend in Prague and therefore only visited the old city. There are a lot of tourists this time of year (August) and it has been been […]

  • Africa Day 2013

    Africa Day 2013

    Africa Day is a special celebration of African Culture held in Vienna every year. The atmosphere of the festival is very friendly, people are having so much fun, dancing to reggae music, enjoying the authentic African food, and strolling through numerous tents with so many different an interesting things to […]

  • Harley Days 2013

    Harley Days 2013

    On the weekend from 19-21 July, 2013 there was a celebration of 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson. The event took place on Danube Island in Vienna, Austria. Bikers from all over Europe traveled to Vienna to join the celebration. The festival is called Harley Days 2013. The festival was really […]


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